Espresso Machines for your Home

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           Victorio Arduino Theresia


Description and Information
Victoria Arduino Theresia info.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [119.8 KB]


17"L x 23"H x 18"W

220V 30amp 3000W

Drain required

Water connection required

Auto steam capable

                   Simonelli Oscar

$1,875.00 Black


12"L x 16"H x 16"W

110V 1200W 10amp

Direct connect to water source

Volumetric timed dosing


The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommended to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator).

The Oscar II much like its predecessor has been built around the idea of bringing professional quality espresso into the home. Besides the new stainless steel & ABS body, the Oscar II hosts a number of new useful features that further push the limits of what an affordable home espresso machine can do. Including a new ergonomic steam lever, timed dosage, and improved steam-wand. Inside the machine the Oscar II maintains its professional sized group head and copper boiler. Making the Oscar II the perfect machine for any coffee enthusiast.

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             La Marzocco Linea Mini


Every great espresso machine needs to be paired with a high performance grinder in order to create espresso magic. La Marzocco Home offers a selection of Mazzer grinders. Mazzer has been making grinders since the early 1940’s in a little town right outside of Venice, Italy. They are used in many of the most highly regarded cafes in the world. These professional grade grinders pair perfectly with La Marzocco espresso machines.

What’s in the box?

  • Portafilter Baskets: 7 gram, 14, gram, 17 gram, 21 gram, Blind 
  • Standard European La Marzocco Convex Tamper 
  • Installation Guide/ User Guide
  • Double Spouted Portafilter
  • Purocaf Cleaning Solution 
  • 12 oz Pitcher 
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Adobe Acrobat document [21.2 MB]

                  Carimali Genius



With LED lights, Menu and Water Tank 

Dual Boiler System

Barista coffee machine. Genius has a user-friendly display to set all the drink parameters and show alerts. Defined by 5 back-lighted selection buttons to program the desired menu.
The machine is equipped with one steam wand to heat and froth milk at the desired temperature, and with a stainless steel output to dispense hot water thanks to which it is possible to prepare infusions and other types of hot beverages in a few seconds.

Height: 449 mm 
Width: 342 mm 
Depth: 448 mm 
Weight: 23 kg


Professional Thermo-compensated Single Group head
Internal water tank + kit connection to water main
Coffee boiler capacity 0.6L
Steam boiler capacity 0.6L
Vibration pump
LCD Display
Steam wand
Stainless steel and wood material
Stainless steel cup warmer
Powerful Heating Element 3200W
Professional Steam output for Capuccino
Volumetric automatic coffee dosing
3 LT Watertank
230V / 50-60hz

Stainless steel & wood

User Manual / Genius
Adobe Acrobat document [25.2 MB]

                      Rancilio Silvia


This popular traditional style semi-automatic espresso machine is built to last. Its strong linear designed housing is constructed of an iron frame and stainless-steel side panels. Built with Rancilio's commercial grade group head for excellent heat stability and premium extraction quality. Features a patented ergonomic 58mm porta filter for superb extraction. These are the same porta filters used on Rancilio commercial machines.

·         Steaming/Hot Water - Featuring a commercial grade chrome-plated steam wand, the Rancilio Silvia quickly delivers plenty of steam for milk frothing and hot boiling water for your Americano or a cup of tea.

·         Brew Group - Inspired by Rancilio's professional espresso machines, this chrome-plated brass group ensures even heat and water distribution, resulting in highly consistent espresso extraction.

·         Pressure Release System - The commercial-grade pressure relief system utilizes a 3-way solenoid valve which makes for easier cleanup — either by reducing splatter from an inadvertently removed portafilter or by reducing post-brew drip, effecting a dried-out coffee ground "puck."

·         67 oz Water Tank - The water reservoir is removable, making for easy regular care. You can fill it while operating or by taking it out and filling it from the sink.

·         15 BAR Heavy Duty Pump - A powerful water pump will effectively force water through your coffee grounds and extract full flavor.

·         12 oz Brass Boiler and Three Thermostats - Brass evenly distributes heat, so this boiler will get up to temperature quickly and easily maintain it through multiple repetitive uses. The thermostats monitor the espresso, steam and boiler heat to ensure excellent espresso extraction without worrying about overheating.

·         Stainless Steel Construction - Brushed stainless steel case, rust resistant steel frame, stainless steel bolts, screws, heating element and only the finest fittings and tubing give this machine a sleek, industrial and functional design.

·         Plug n Play - Requiring no special plumbing or electrical outlets, you can easily plug the Silvia right in and it's ready to operate.

·         Portafilter and Filter Baskets - The Silvia comes with a commercial-grade, heavy-duty chrome plated brass portafilter and two stainless steel filter baskets (one for single shot, one for double shot) which measure 58mm in diameter.

·         Drip/Cup Tray and Warmer - The stainless-steel drip pan and cup tray are easy to remove and clean. Plus, a warming surface on the top of the machine gives you a space to warm your cup before you pour your espresso, keeping it at the right temperature — an essential element of fine espresso.


Rancilio Silvia Specs.pdf
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Next with Android Tablet 

TopMilk  $28,690.00

Carimali BlueDot

Prices will vary due to the many different configurations available

      NEXT from Rancilio 


Eversys Cameo

$19,350 to $21,500

     Egro One Touch Pure Coffee


    Egro One Top Milk XP  $27,000.00

      Simonelli ProntoBar Touch                        $14,750.00

Rancilio Egro Zero Quick Milk


Rancilio Egro Zero Pure Coffee


Jura Giga X8 Professional  $8,995.00

Water Connect Kits are Available,

see Water Connect Fill KIts in page selections left column

Custom made for each client