Espresso Grinders

Top of The Line Heavy Duty Grinders

Espresso Grinders

              Mazzer  Supper Jolly Timer           Mazzer  Major Timer

                           $1,325.00                                    $2,030.00

Espresso Grinders

Simonelli MDX                     Rancilio Kryo 65                  MDX On Demand 

     $1,125.00                            $1,300.00                                $1,475.00


Grinding fresh coffee instantly with an MDX on demand, choosing the dose both for single filter and for double filter, the barista ensures higher quality in the cup being able to take full advantage of the technologies in the Appia II : the SIS, which gives a soft and perfect infusion as well as the Turbocream, which helps in the preparation of excellent cappuccinos. MDX on demand is also equipped with the ‘Clump Crusher Dispensing System’ to totally eliminate the effects of static electricity in the particles of ground coffee, thus ensuring the utmost regularity of output stream for any type of coffee.

       Medium to Light Duty Grinders

Espresso Grinders

                   Mazzer Mini Electronic            Mazzer Mini Timer

                          $1,775.00                                 $1,145.00

Rancilio V50 Grinder

Available 2020 Prices not yet available

Espresso Grinders
Espresso Grinders

Information on the new Rancilio V50 grinder

Rancilio V50 Grinder
Rancilio grinder info.pdf
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Great for  Grinding Decaf Beans

Espresso Grinders

Junior Grinder                       Rancilio MD40                       Simonelli MCF    

     $800.00                                   $800.00                                  $675.00

Espresso Grinders

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Espresso Grinders

Next with Android Tablet 

TopMilk  $28,690.00

Carimali BlueDot

Prices will vary due to the many different configurations available

      NEXT from Rancilio 


Eversys Cameo

$19,350 to $21,500

     Egro One Touch Pure Coffee


    Egro One Top Milk XP  $27,000.00

      Simonelli ProntoBar Touch                        $14,750.00

Rancilio Egro Zero Quick Milk


Rancilio Egro Zero Pure Coffee


Jura Giga X8 Professional  $8,995.00

Water Connect Kits are Available,

see Water Connect Fill KIts in page selections left column

Custom made for each client